cloud computing

Leveraging the latest buzzword technology isn’t always what’s aligned with your business goals.  Allow us to guide your organization through the implementation of enterprise cloud technologies.  Our consultants leverage our extensive enterprise experience utilizing the latest in cloud technology to make your business more agile and reliable.

Cloud computing is utilizing off-premise resources to deliver on-demand computing. The cloud computing stack refers to the three types of cloud-based computing services:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS): Microsoft Office 365, Email, CRMs such as Salesforce, Google Apps, Citrix GoTo Meeting, and Cisco WebEx
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS): Apprenda, Red Hat’s Open Shift, Google App Engine, and Heroku,
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): Joyent, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure

Your business depends on the facts. If you are looking to reduce costs and time required to maintain hardware and software, then you should consider moving to the cloud. Cloud technology enables your business to simplify IT while delivering the data you need to run your business on any device. According to HBR, Cloud: Driving a Faster, More Connected Business, using cloud computing technology is no longer a competitive advantage because 84% of organizations are reporting that their use of cloud has grown. However, not using cloud technology is creating a major competitive disadvantage. More specifically, according to the study organizations using cloud computing have indicated the following:

  • Increased revenue: 40%
  • Increased profit margins: 36%
  • Increased data security: 39%
  • Increased agility: 71%
  • Increased collaboration: 72%

We can help you implement, govern, grow, and leverage your cloud-based business platform by creating a strategic approach to cloud adoption. We make security a priority so that security is not a barrier to cloud adoption. The boom of cloud computing and the amount of confidential data that companies and individuals are sharing and storing in the cloud is at a fever pitch. The availability of data in the cloud has become a target for nation-states, nefarious cyber criminals, and even competitors because it has broadened the attack surface and allowed for more sophisticated attacks. More specifically, two types of attacks are on the rise:

  • Hijacking remote shell or remote control protocols, such as Powershell and WMI.  Hijacking attacks allow hackers togain direct control, potentially installing malicious code, without setting off security alarms.
  • Sleeper attacks that demonstrate patience to systematically attack.  The sleeper attacks could include misdirection, listening devices that gather data yet go unnoticed by security parameters, or deviations in commonly encrypted protocols such as HTTPS.

Are you ready to unleash the power of your platform? By partnering with us, you will gain 8 key benefits:

  • Strong security practices and a comprehensive security approach, including encryption, strong access controls, firewalls, and prevention against social engineering
  • Easy integration with other systems
  • Emphasis on meeting compliance requirements
  • Rapid scalability
  • Improved collaboration & speed
  • Lower infrastructure costs
  • Greater leverage of technological footprint
  • Wider portfolio of services to ensure all of your needs are met

Our cloud computing services

  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Assessment
  • Cloud Security & Compliance
  • Cloud Policy & Documentation
  • Cloud Integration
  • Cloud Service Management for Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud
  • Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery