Dustin Werden is a director of enterprise consulting services at Afidence. He is an accomplished leader with a technical background that includes large-scale enterprise policy, project management, and deployment strategy experience.  As an ISTJ, he values integrity, standards, and logic. He transforms organizations through his vision and determination.  


Dustin has served clients of every size in both the commercial and military sectors.  He has a team-based result driven management style with a dedicated focus on delivering customer solutions.  He currently holds industry gold standard certifications.

Dustin’s experience and expertise include:

  • Program management, project management, enterprise environment policy and strategy creation and execution, new technology integration and deployment strategy, process development and improvement, and change management
  • Public utilities, government, manufacturing, and aviation industries
  • Industry gold standard certifications including Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Security+, and Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP): Enterprise Administrator
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in information systems and management
  • MBA earned from Auburn University

Dustin said, "My MBA experience gave me the perspective and insight into how business works that I was looking for.  As a participant in the technology industry, it’s easy to get tunnel vision and only see the technology.  The MBA experience really shifted my mindset. Now, I look not only at technology, but also how technology plays its part in the grander scheme of business."  


Dustin values integrity, trust, standards, and logic. He serves clients in diverse business sectors including healthcare, manufacturing, aviation, and financial services. Dustin excels in setting practice direction and strategy. He emphasizes strategic partnerships through long-term trusted relationships. He establishes, monitors and maintains standards for enterprise program and project management solutions. Dustin values quality and reliability in an open and transparent manner. His career success points include the following:

  • Successfully managed the deployment and integration of a standardized user experience to a government client of 150,000+ machines across nine geographically disparate sites.
  • Delivered on time while exceeding expected penetration against an aggressive timeline and stringent compliance metrics
  • Maintained and operationalized a program of security risk mitigation projects that reduced vulnerabilities by 75% in the most critical sector of the client’s business
  • Managed and supported 83% growth of an already thriving project management consulting practice within six months of assuming leadership


  • November 2012 | Technology First - Taste of IT

Subject: Tablet Computing in the Enterprise Environment

  • November 2014 | Technology First - Taste of IT

Subject: Assured Failure: 5 Mistakes That Guarantee Project Collapse


Dustin values practicality, responsibility and strong will. When asked about his life motto, he likes to quote Benjamin Franklin: “Energy and persistence conquer all things.” He is a strategic analyzer with strong principles. At Afidence, he is a transformative leader driven by his vision and determination.