The Importance of Data Redundancy

Is data backup low on your priority list? If it is, it may be time to make a change. Think about it, your organization may only be one mistake away from losing invaluable data and if there aren't any copies, what are you going to do? Being proactive can save you from stress and extra work.    

Meet Joe Fisher

Industry veteran Joe Fisher is the new General Manager at Afidence. We are thrilled to have him join the team. Check out this graphic to learn more about him!

Innovative Ways to Utilize Microsoft SQL 2016

Are you just starting out with Relational Databases and wondering how you can use them at home or in your IT organization? Microsoft SQL 2016 just might be the Relational Database for you. Databases have the great ability to sort data quickly and display it in multiple different ways.  You can use a database as little or as much as you want, and it makes a great backend tool for other GUI-based applications. 

Getting to Know Afidence

Want to get to know Afidence better?

Check out our new infographic that highlights key parts of our business. The different sections summarize the key components of our organization:

  1. Who We Are
  2. Core Principles
  4. Let's Grow Together
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Man VS. Machine: A Predictive Approach to Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence empowered by machine learning focuses on proactive security instead of reactive security. Computers can now learn behaviors without specific programming. This development combined with the heightened emphasis on security in today's age leads to two major questions:

  • What are the biggest security threats we are facing in 2016?
  • What are the industries impacted the most?
  • Will machines replace humans?

Meet Andy Hickey

Andy Hickey works as a project manager consultant for us! He has over 13 years of technology and project management experience. Check out the infographic below to learn why we adore Andy!  

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4 Incredible Ways SharePoint is Transforming Nonprofits

Are you a nonprofit organization looking to improve your technology investments so you can focus on the real purpose of your organization? According to NTEN, the average nonprofit organization has only 4 people responsible for technology. In this infographic, we discuss 4 incredible ways SharePoint is transforming nonprofit organizations through document management, collaboration, team sites, and cost. These valuable tools can help you refocus your strategic goals so that technology doesn't get in the way of your mission, but instead supports your strategies and maximizes your impact.

To learn more about the impact SharePoint can have on your business, check out our SharePoint services and let us help you get started. Or email us at

7 Reasons You Should Assess Your IT Systems Today

Have you been thinking about doing an IT assessment for your company? Here are 7 reasons you should assess your IT systems today:

  • Meet compliance regulations
  • Understand IT system strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT)
  • Identify systems that are causing inefficiencies & reduce costs
  • Restructure the IT department

Learn the other three reasons...

Transform Your Intranet

Your organization’s intranet is a pivotal point of internal communication, innovation, and collaboration. Are you looking for a way to transform your intranet, so it better meets your organizational needs? We share the three stages of the SharePoint Intranet build-out strategy. 

Operations Management, Urban Exploration & Tech

Meet Chris Smith, the new operations specialist at AfidenceIT. Chris has been looking for a career that integrates his love of human interactions with his curiosity for all things science and technology. For the last 14 years, he worked on securing tax credits for businesses willing to give work opportunities to disadvantaged job seekers. In 2009, he graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor’s degree in Integrated Science Technology Education.

Chris enjoys spending his free time taking pictures of old disintegrating structures (a genre known as UrbanEx photography) and playing with his children as much as he can. Please join us in welcoming Chris to the team!

4 Key Elements of a Business Continuity Plan

According to the Small Business Association, about 25% of organizations do not reopen after a major catastrophe. What disasters are you prepared to handle? To help you prepare, we discuss the 5 Key Elements of a Business Continuity Plan (BCP). 

Meet Tom Webster

Learn more about Tom Webster, our OnPoint  IT Delivery Manager. His strengths are leadership and process development. Check out the infographic below to learn what Tom likes to say instead of hello!

Who is Tom Dietrich?

AfidenceIT is growing! We are excited to bring Tom Dietrich to the team as a manager of our Managed Services division. Tom brings 22 years of IT experience including endpoint management, virtualization, infrastructure,  training, and team development. 

Power Teams

People are our top priority. The more we understand ourselves and others, the more effective we are together impacting the people we serve. We found indicators confirming that emotional intelligence could be a strong predictor of corporate success. FedEx Express published a study about the effects of integrating emotional intelligence assessments and development on leadership expertise. Check out the infographic below to learn how we use assessments and emotional intelligence to create power teams. 

5 Mistakes That Guarantee Project Collapse

Were you satisfied with your last project? Was the project in alignment with your business drivers? The failure of many projects is not understanding the business driver during project management. Below are questions you should be considering prior to starting a new project.

Welcome Tawania Patterson

Join us in celebrating a new team member: Tawania Patterson! Tawania will be working as a project management consultant. She has 7 years of IT experience. Her background includes working for the Department of Defense as an information technology supervisor.  Tawania believes that "showing people that you care makes the difference." Her strengths include strategic thinking, problem solving, and organizational skills. Welcome Tawania! We are so glad to have you as part of our Afidence family. 

Welcome Kyle Martin

Kyle Martin has joined AfidenceIT as a part-time intern working form our Miamisburg office. Welcome! Kyle is working toward a degree in Computer Information Systems. He is a team player with strategic troubleshooting skills. He has lived in Centerville, Ohio most of his life. Learn more about Kyle below. 

Welcome Greg Krull

Greg Krull has joined our team! Please join us in welcoming Greg. He has 28 years of experience in IT in industries such as insurance, financial services, banking, and education. Greg is a Cincinnati native.