Afidence project management experts know that your business is unique, and any approach must be tailored to your specific needs. We recognize that the cause of failure for many projects is not understanding the business driver behind that project.

We utilize DevOps methodology that empowers you to integrate and streamline the creation and support of solutions for your business. Through DevOps, you will deliver supportable solutions to your clients and users more reliably and quickly than traditional means. Allow our consultants to pull from extensive experience to help lead the transformational implementation of a DevOps culture in your organization. 

Our project management services include: 


Our project management consultants have extensive experience executing projects of every level of complexity and size, ensuring your technology investment yields the desired business benefits.


We will use our technology and business experience to ensure your projects align with your business goals.


Our experts provide advisory and consulting services for projects that have been planned, but not initiated, validate planned resources and ensure that milestones are in line with your standards. Project review includes evaluating your environment constraints to ensure project timelines are met. We also offer recovery services for projects in the execution phase that are over budget or missing milestones, to help get your project back on track and maximize your technology investment.