"Regarding support, the Afidence Team has been great and continues to be very well received.  They certainly help me a great deal nearly every day – just a great partnership!  Across the board, I find that all support team members are very professional and position their role with our support as primary – many times willing to help given no advanced notice!!  I know that other departments have been well pleased with all support members.  I think you know we have had to juggle a few onsite members a time or two, but that has worked out fine and staff has embraced all of them.  Please share along to all of your team that support us that I said, ‘Doing a great job for us, and thanks!’”  

"Truly enjoyable to work with..."

"Their ability to manage different obstacles both human and non-human is superior.."

"Just wanted to let you know that again, you have supplied us with a GREAT resource! Your consultant came in and gave us some great ideas and some much needed direction. Everyone I have had the pleasure to work with from your team has been great. Thanks again, and I will ALWAYS push to work with your people again!"

"...flexibility, thoroughness, technical savvy, concerned with how it affects users, how they draw info from users at meetings, suggestions and guidance on governance issues, how to get the most from SP in terms of efficiency, and most importantly – they can be counted on to get the job done. They deliver on time."

"Afidence has an exceptional (and growing) IT staff, and I am personally very impressed with the fine work they do day in and day out."

"Sinclair has worked with Bryan Hogan for over 20 years over the course of his affiliation with several IT professional services companies, continuing with Afidence. The thing that has always kept Afidence at top-of-mind when considering who could help with a strategic technology project is their honest, hard-working ethic and the consistency of the work product that they deliver. "

-Scott McCollum Chief Information Officer at Sinclair Community  College