SharePoint Intranet Build-Out Strategy

Your organization’s intranet is a pivotal point of internal communication, innovation, and collaboration. Are you looking for a way to transform your intranet, so it better meets your organizational needs? We share the three stages of the SharePoint Intranet build-out strategy. 

Stage One: Structural Framework

Stage one is much like building a house. The structure itself is built, but the rooms are empty.  Branding is applied to the intranet which gives the site a standardized look and feel.

Stage Two: Site Design

Stage two is like moving furniture into your new house. You discover the power of your new business platform. You have an online session to review site components, identify departmental collaboration opportunities, and populate site data. User education, site governance, and security are crucial components.

Stage Three: Solution Development & Automation

Stage three means your home is built. You are familiar with the functionality of your new business platform and are focusing on business solution development. You concentrate on workflow automation and optimization. Metadata is added improving content discoverability and list management.

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Transform Your Intranet: SharePoint Intranet Build-Out Strategy

Design By: Lana Maric