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“… a Threefold Cord is Not Quickly Broken” – Ecc 4:12



“… a Threefold Cord is Not Quickly Broken” – Ecc 4:12


Bryan and Barbara Hogan built Afidence to be an organization rooted in trusted relationships.  People are our top priority. The more we understand ourselves and others, the more effective we are together impacting the people we serve.  We found indicators confirming that emotional intelligence could be a strong predictor of corporate success. We utilize assessments such as Myers-Briggs, DISC, and Stand Out to understand key leadership competencies and to build stronger relationships. By understanding self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness, and relationship management, we strive to create power teams that create new leaders at every level of the organization.

Bryan and Barbara Hogan, Owners & Founders of AfidenceIT


Owners & Founders of Afidence

Bryan Hogan, CEO, President & Owner


CEO & Co-Owner

Barbara Hogan, Co-Owner & Chief Culture Officer


Co-Owner & Chief Culture Officer 


Bryan Hogan

“Creating Trust Through Integrity, Quality, and Honor.”

Bryan Hogan

“Creating Trust Through Integrity, Quality, and Honor.”

Bryan Hogan is the CEO, president, & co-owner of Afidence. Bryan’s experience spans over 30 years in the IT industry and is seeded with a deep sense of integrity, strong business acumen, and industry leadership. As an ISTJ, he values logic, integrity, and standards.


Bryan and his wife, Barbara, launched Afidence in 2010 with a goal to earn life-long trusted relationships by surrounding clients with clear, transparent, and honest solutions. Today, the company serves over 80 active clients, extending into 30 states and 15 countries.

Prior to starting Afidence, Bryan was a partner at Columbus, Ohio-based Ray & Barney Group. Earlier career highlights include positions with CompuCom Systems, NC Group, and Discover Card Services. 

In 2015, Bryan was nominated for the IT executive of the year award through Technology First. In 2014, he was recognized at the Venue and Lead Magazine’s Family and Privately Owned Business Leadership Award Luncheon. This award goes to individuals and companies who are making a positive impact on our community.


2018 – Present, Cincinnati, Ohio Area

 Bryan currently serves on the board for The John R. Jurgensen Company, incorporated in 1955, is a third generation private family owned corporation specializing in heavy highway construction. With over 500 employees, the John R. Jurgensen Company primarily works in Southern Ohio, Southern Indiana, and Northern Kentucky serving the public sector DOTs, municipalities, as well as private owner needs. We specialize in asphalt paving, milling, bridge structures, and grade/drain work. Our projects range in size from large Design Build interstate reconstruction jobs to small private parking lots.


May 2014 – Present, Dayton, Ohio Area

 Bryan currently serves on the board for Technology First, an industry trade association and economic development agency that supports growth of the information technology in the Dayton Ohio region.


When asked about the company’s purpose, Bryan responds with the following: "Technologies change, processes evolve, yet trusted relationships last a lifetime. Our purpose is to earn those trusted relationships by relentlessly serving the best interests of our clients, employees, and colleagues. Creating a culture where people thrive, businesses prosper, and communities are blessed. A company of trust that stands the test-of-time."


As an ISTJ, Bryan values logic, hard work, and standards. He is driven by a strong sense of integrity, responsibility, and honor at his core. He is a transformative leader with high standards and expectations. Visionary, affiliative, or coaching, his leadership style is determined by the needs of the people that surround him. When questioned about his life motto, Bryan states that “Creating trust through integrity, quality, and honor” is what matters. “Our people are our strength. It’s their passion to serve the best interests of our clients that bring life to our vision of being recognized as the most trusted leader in business and technology.”



Barbara Hogan

“Empowering Your Quest”

Barbara Hogan

“Empowering Your Quest”

Barbara Hogan is a co-owner and vice president of Afidence, launched in January 2010. Barbara envisioned a company built on honoring people. That vision formed Afidence, which comes from Latin for “joining in trust.” It’s a principle that Afidence team members live every day. As an INFJ, Barbara is creative, insightful, passionate, and altruistic. Her leadership embodies the heart and soul of Afidence. 


In 2016, responding to a need for Afidence clients to have a trusted partner in product acquisition and recruiting, Barbara launched Timbelo, Inc., a woman owned WBENC / WOSB (SBA 8(m)) certified company.  After successfully establishing the company in 2017, Timbelo received an offer they couldn’t refuse and sold the product and recruiting side of the business to Afidence. Timbelo continues on with the name and brand as a business advisory company. Barbara is also available for Board positions, public speaking, as a panelist, an interviewer, and moderator. To learn more about how we can empower your road to success through inspirational speaking, developing business processes that elevate, and provide higher perspectives through trusted business partners, visit us at


Barbara's background includes over 8 years of business strategy and management with Afidence. In addition, Barbara has worked with enterprise companies such as P&G and GE. Barbara’s passions include mentoring and inspiring others to reach for a better tomorrow personally and professionally today. She is a graduate of Olivet Nazarene University with Bachelor of Science degrees in psychology and social justice.  In 2016, Barbara also became an Ordained Sr. Chaplain with the IFOC.

Barbara has a strong sense of integrity, bold thought leadership, and deep respect for others. “When you truly believe that your business is about people,” explains Barbara, "And offer an environment of respect, trust, and excellence, then everything else just falls into place.”


  • 2016 Esprit de Corps Award, Mason Deerfield Chamber of Commerce

  • 2016 & 2017 Pink Diamond Award Nominee, The MADE Chamber

  • 2015 Cincinnati Woman of Influence Honoree, LEAD Tribune Media Group

  • 2016-2017 Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies List, Afidence

  • 2016 Top IT Consulting Company in Dayton & among the top 24 Consulting Companies in Cincinnati, Afidence

  • 2014 Family & Privately-Owned Business Leadership Award, Afidence



  • 2018, PANELIST, comSpark Women in Tech, LEAD Tribune Media Group

  • 2018, PANELIST, Women4Tech, Technology First

  • 2018, INVOCATION, Women Walking West

  • 2018, FACILITATOR, MADE Investor's Council and MADE Leadership Cohort, Casey Moran, VP of Operations, GE Digital

  • 2018, PANELIST, Leaders are MADE Program Launch

  • 2018, MODERATOR, Small Giants / EO Cincinnati Host Executive Breakfast Series

    • 08/18, FACILITATOR, Small Giants Executive Breakfast Series, Peeyush Schrivastava, CEO, Genetesis

    • 06/18, FACILITATOR, Small Giants Executive Breakfast Series, Pete Zulia, CEO, Oxford Physical Health

    • 04/18, FACILITATOR, Small Giants Executive Breakfast Series, Tony Schroeder, CEO, Choice One

    • 02/18, FACILITATOR, Small Giants Executive Breakfast Series, Greg Harmeyer, CEO, Tier1

  • 2017, SPEAKER, Sinclair Community College - Courseview Campus | Business Career Day

  • 2017, MODERATOR, Taste of IT Women’s Executive Panel | Highest attended, Highest rated Session

  • 2016, 2017, 2018, PRESENTER, Cincinnati Woman of Influence & C-Suite Award | LEADTribune Media Group

  • 2017, PANELIST, LEAD Tribune Media in Partnership with U.S. BANK Family/Privately Owned Business Awards

  • 2015-2016 PANELIST, EMCEE, MADE Chamber Women Business Leadership Series

    • Lifting Women Higher

    • Path to Leadership

    • Unmasking #1 Predictor of Success

  • 2016, INVOCATION, MADE Chamber Luncheon: Zoonique Experience


As an INFJ, Barbara is creative, insightful, passionate and altruistic. She has strong convictions, which she uses to empower others. Her mission is to make a world a better place by helping people see differently. She has the ability to resolve both technical and human challenges with a high level of intelligence, care, determination, and kindness. She loves God and people. Whether through her words or actions, she desires others to be empowered on their own personal quests. 


Andy Garcia

Building Trusted Relationships by Serving Others

Andy Garcia

Building Trusted Relationships by Serving Others

Andy Garcia is a Project Manager and IT Manager with 20 years of experience managing people, projects, and processes primarily within technology, manufacturing, CPG, and transportation. His specialty is building multi-function collaborations while partnering technology with business to ensure platforms and solutions are aligned with and support the operational mission and objectives.

Andy has experience in the technology, manufacturing, consumer packaged goods (CPG), and transportation industries. He has acted as project manager for a variety of projects, including PMO office projects, the Toolkit Initiative Team, an Infrastructure Centralization project, and a $1.5M video conference standardization project, among others. He specializes in project management, program management, IT management, PDSA Cycle, and Waterfall Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).


Andy has had education and training in agile principles/practices and project management through the Project Management Institute and has taken courses for presidents and senior executives. He has participated in training for Six Sigma Green Belt through General Electric, Systems Thinking and Leadership, and the University of Dayton’s Emerging Leader Certificate Program.

Areas of Specialization

  • Agile Principles & Practices

  • Course for Presidents, Aileron

  • Course for Senior Executives, Aileron

  • Project Management Professional, PMP, training via the Project Management Institute

  • Six Sigma Green Belt training through General Electric

  • Systems Thinking and Leadership

  • University of Dayton's Emerging Leader Certificate Program

  • Customer Focus

"Building Trusted Relationships by Serving Others"

Andy's focus for clients and employees is to make sure Afidence is acting in the best interest of both. He values teams working together to achieve a common goal while allowing everyone to learn from each other in the process. When asked how he approaches new projects Andy said “I start by asking WHY is the project important to the client, HOW will this project improve their lives or way of doing business, and WHAT tools, process, and technologies can we leverage to make this project a success?”

Darian Parsons shadman-sakib-551686-unsplash.jpg

Darian Parsons

Stronger Together

Darian Parsons

Stronger Together

Darian is a results-driven, goal-oriented, dynamic business professional credited with being versatile, dependable, and driven.  She can assess any given business situation to identify opportunities, organize leadership and delivery teams to drive change, and ensure success by establishing performance standards and metrics.  Through excellent communication, facilitation, problem solving, and analytical and organizational skills, she leads teams and organizations to consistently achieve targeted goals and maximize performance capabilities. She creates winning strategies to streamline operations, strengthen employee engagement, increase customer service and satisfaction, reduce waste, improve business processes, and increase efficiency.  Darian is an innovative, confident, and resourceful professional, with extensive organizational and operational expertise, and a proven ability to simultaneously manage multiple projects while meeting desired results.


Darian is well-versed in program management, operational effectiveness, shared services, systems development, and operations management. She has experience in multiple industries, including consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, insurance, architecture/engineering, and technology solutions. Darian specializes in operations management, project management, business process improvement, change management, and organizational development and workforce planning. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Education from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.

Areas of Specialization

  • Operations Management

  • Project Management

  • Business Process Improvement

  • Change Management

  • Organizational Development & Workforce Planning

"Stronger Together"

Darian believes the competitive advantage of any company is people, and boy is she passionate about people!  She is dedicated to serving both the employees and clients of Afidence.  She recognizes that a strong company culture is the solid foundation needed to foster employee engagement and true client satisfaction.  Darian would tell you that if you want to gain the greatest perspective and measure the overall performance of your organization, begin with employee engagement and client satisfaction.  The driving force is always people. “We want to honor the time and talents of each employee, and strive daily to deliver with excellence for our clients.”  To Darian, it is a true privilege to serve people.

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Rob Niles

“Bridging the Gap Between Technology and Business.”

Rob Niles

“Bridging the Gap Between Technology and Business.”

Rob Niles is a director of SharePoint Services at Afidence. He has over 20 years of experience in information technology. His expertise includes helping organizations align their technology and business needs. As an ENTJ, he is a natural born leader. He is a strategic thinker who values human relationships. 


As a director of SharePoint Services, Rob helps organizations adopt and align their business needs with one of the fastest growing verticals at Microsoft. Rob has leveraged his knowledge and experience to bring a wide variety of solutions to very specific customer needs. His strength is understanding the alignment between technology and business. Rob has experience in a variety of industries including manufacturing, public utility, aviation, government and service organizations. He recognizes the impact of strategic partnerships. Rob approaches his role with integrity and strong client orientation. 


  • SharePoint Implementation and Architectural Design
  • Self Serve Training
  • User Adoption
  • SharePoint Advisor
  • Technology Standardization
  • Business Standards (SOX, BS17799, DRP/BCP, ITIL, Hippa)
  • Policy & Procedure Development
  • IT Support Organization Planning and Development
  • Process Development, Automation & Documentation
  • Third Party Workflow with SharePoint Integration
  • Vendor Management


  • Creativity
  • Intelligence
  • Energy
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Logic


As an ENTJ, Rob places a lot of value on human relationships and integrity. He wants to understand the business vision before implementing recommendations and solutions. Rob is passionate about helping businesses recognize the impact of SharePoint services. He states, “SharePoint is much more than a place to store your documents. It is a business platform that can help propel your business to meet your goals. From executive dashboards to automating repetitive tasks, we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what SharePoint can do.”  

Rob combines logic, creativity, and determination to drive results. He is always up for a challenge!