We are honored to be awarded the Tri-State Family and Private Business Awards sponsored by the Goering Center through the University of Cincinnati, Lindner College of Business. The yearly program recognizes businesses that exemplify the best in family and private business practices.

An independent panel of judges rates applicants based on Goering Center's 10 Best Practices.

  1. Family Business Charter
  2. Dynamic Business Strategy
  3. Performance Management System
  4. Leadership Development
  5. Outside Boards
  6. Contingency Planning
  7. Owner's Retirement Plans
  8. Business Growth
  9. Family Council
  10. Giving Back 

For over 25 years, Goering has monitored and interacted with non-public firms. They compiled these practices based on their experiences with successful family-owned and private firms.

At AfidenceIT we strive to excel in all the listed practices. We have dynamic systems in place to encourage productivity and collaboration. We partner with local businesses and nonprofits to create effective teams.

We also believe in giving back to the community. Cyber Seniors is one way we have recently worked to make an impact locally. During these events, AfidenceIT employees, along with friends and family, help the elderly residents of Cedar Village learn about computers and the internet.

AfidenceIT is a business advocate and IT solutions provider that values honesty, collaboration, and excellence. Our goal is to provide customers with a unique experience that exceeds their expectations.