According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, “Over 169 million personal records were exposed in 2015, from 781 publicized breaches across the financial, business, education, government and healthcare sectors.” Cybersecurity is not limited to the private or public sector. Instead, it impacts both sectors. Collaboration and cooperation can help both sectors combat cybercrime.

On November 1st, the Cincinnati Corporate Security Symposium will bring together representatives from the public and private sectors to discuss growing the knowledge base and protecting digital borders. Speakers and panelists will discuss different concerns of businesses and the government and different topics centered on cybersecurity. The event will be hosted at the Procter & Gamble Business Center in Mason, Ohio. Topics include Insider Risk and Corporate Espionage, Cyber Threat Mitigation and Response, Homegrown Violent Extremist Mitigation, and Autonomous Systems in the Homeland Security Environment.

Congressman Steve Chabot will open the proceedings. After his opening remarks, the event will feature speakers from the FBI, Homeland Security, and businesses talking about the aforementioned topics. This event is part of The Private Sector Outreach Program’s Corporate Security Symposia. The symposia are a series of conferences intended to facilitate discussion between the public and private sectors about security and the issues facing both parties.

This event will allow respected private and public sector speakers to apply their expertise to security related topics. The audience will receive a full day of experts sharing their experience and knowledge to educate and equip. These are critical discussions because they keep the government and external businesses connected and aware of one another’s environments. This awareness and open discussion foster cooperation. The goal of these conferences is to create a solid foundation for the private and public sectors to achieve symbiotic success. 

Shannon Glass, information and security compliance director at Afidence, will be on the cyber mitigation and response panel which takes place at 1pm.