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Afidence Celebrates Continued Growth with New Location in Mason, Ohio

Afidence Celebrates Continued Growth with New Location in Mason, Ohio

Mason, OH – March 25, 2019 – Afidence, a Cincinnati-based technology consulting and services firm, celebrates its move to a new location in the Triangle Building in Mason, Ohio. The new headquarters, located just off I-71 and Kings Mills at 5412 Courseview Drive Suite 122 in Mason, includes a combination of open-space seating, private offices, conference rooms, and a large tech-focused meeting space, that will easily accommodate over 40 tech collaborators and innovators. “Our goal is to make our new meeting space a community tech hub. We saw a need for a place where people can collaborate, regardless of where they work. If there are tech professionals wanting to learn and grown, we want to make sure they have a place where they can connect.” The meeting space is expected to open in June 2019.

Afidence is delighted to be able to stay within the City of Mason, a place it calls home. "Not only does [the new location] meet our growing office space needs, but it also brought us into the center of Mason's vibrant technology community," notes Bryan Hogan, Co-Owner, President, and CEO of Afidence. Hogan believes teamwork is what created the growth that made this move possible. "We are absolutely thrilled about our continued growth in Mason," Hogan says. "It truly is a testament to our remarkable team and the clients we serve." Afidence extends its thanks to Michele Blair at the City of Mason, as well as Steve Osborne and Top Gun Sales, who have been catalysts in Mason's Tech Elevator Program.

The space will also include an office for sister company, Timbelo, Inc., a WBENC certified woman-owned business, which offers strategic advisory services.


About Afidence

Afidence is a technology consulting and services firm launched in 2010 with a goal to earn trusted relationships by surrounding their clients with clear, transparent, and honest solutions unmatched in the IT Industry. Afidence serves over 80 active clients in the Cincinnati-Dayton region, extending into 30 states and 15 countries. Headquartered in Mason, Ohio, Afidence also maintains support offices in Miamisburg, Ohio. To learn more about Afidence, please visit



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OISC 2017

OISC 2017

The Ohio Information Security Conference happens once a year and we want YOU to be there.
We know you want to learn more about security implementation and effectiveness...So why not stop by to hear from some of the industry's top leaders as they answer YOUR questions? This year, our CISO, Shannon Glass Fisher, teams up with MAFAZO's President, Max Aulakh to deliver a presentation on vendor management as it relates to cyber security that you don't want to miss!

Meet Shannon Glass


Meet Shannon Glass

Shannon Glass joined AfidenceIT in April 2015. She serves as the director of information security and compliance services. Shannon is an accomplished leader in building and managing high-performance teams in information security and regulatory compliance.  With exceptional strategic and communication skills, Shannon connects the relationship between IT and the business to execute organizational initiatives.  Shannon’s discipline, integrity, and high level of professionalism have been critical in building a premier security and compliance business practice for AfidenceIT. Bryan Hogan, the president, CEO, and co-owner of AfidenceIT confirms, “Shannon not only brings clarity to complicated security and compliance mandates but also peace-of-mind through practical mitigation plans.” She conveys passion and expertise to every phase of a security program’s lifecycle, from day zero to full enterprise maturity.