Apple Pay is an easy and convenient way to pay for your purchases. The need to increase security for payment transactions becomes more evident as retailers continue to report data breaches on a regular basis.  Still, user adoption has been slower than expected. reports, “Those who didn’t use Apple Pay in a transaction where they could have (and who had used it in the past) had two primary reasons for not tapping with Apple Pay. As we have seen in past surveys, they either forgot (30.1 percent) or didn’t know that the store they were in offered it (30.1 percent)” (“New Apple Pay Adoptions,” 2015).

Apple has developed a secure and easy-to-use method of making payments from your phone.  Have you made a switch to Apply Pay yet? Here’s why you should.  


Apple Pay provides users with a newfound freedom.  As the popularity of this product continues to grow more retailers and financial institutions will adopt Apple Pay as a standard for doing business.  The need to carry three credit cards, and a loyalty card for all your favorite establishments will vanish. The time to open your wallet and pull out the card you need will be a thing of the past. Leave your credit cards at home and just use your phone to make a transaction. By double tapping the home button on your iPhone, you instantly have access to all your wallet contents.


Apple Pay takes security to unprecedented levels. First, to authorize your credit card, the fingerprint reader must be used.  Once the fingerprint has been verified, the transaction is securely performed using a token system. What does that mean you ask? Instead of exposing your credit card information to a retailer, a secure ID unique to your Apple Device is passed to the retailer. The secure identifier is unique for each transaction. It prevents the possibility of a dishonest person collecting your information and then reusing it in a malicious manner.  Second, all transactions are recorded in a log on your phone making it easy to verify that you were not overcharged for your purchase. 


As with any product, it is only great if it is being utilized. Early adopters of Apple Pay include Kohls, McDonalds, Panera, Sephora, Express, Walgreens, and gas stations that accept payWave. Best Buy will soon be adding Apple Pay to its payment options as well. Using Apple Pay promotes the installation of Apple Pay locations.  The increased adoption of the service maximizes security and improves ease of use.

Being connected has become the standard. As technology improves, we find ways to implement those changes. Apple Pay is a secure and simple way of changing our lives in a positive manner.  At our fingertips, we have the ability to become more efficient and isolate the vulnerabilities that allow our bank accounts to be accessed without our knowledge.  Apple Pay creates a standard of security and convenience that is unrivaled with traditional payment methods.  Give it a try. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.             


Sr. IT Consultant | AfidenceIT


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