1. Learn to Cook


Get Started Here

2. Learn to Slackline


Get Started Here


3. Go rock Climbing


Get Started Here


4. Write a Thank You Note

Thank you notes

Figure out how Here


5. Buy the strangest thing at a local thrift shop and give to a friend as a random gift

Thrift Store

6. Learn Yoga


Get started Here

7. Experiment with new Pancake flavors (Pumpkin, Bacon, Sprinkle, etc.)

Exotic Pancakes



8. Learn Basic Life-Saving Skills


Learn the Basics Here


9. Survey Strangers in the mall about a random topic



10. Play Frisbee Golf

Frisbee Golf



11. Learn to Dance


Learn the Moves Here


12. Draw Pictures in total darkness and see how they turn out




13. Fill water balloons with soap water and wash your car

Water Ballon



14. Write a song via stomping on bubble wrap

Bubble Wrap

Start Here


15. Stand on the street holding a sign that says “Have a nice day!”

Have a nice Day