2014 was a AfidenceIT!  How big you ask?  2014 in Review to find out exactly what happened at AfidenceIT in the last 12 months. The following excerpt was taken from the career page on our website:

"Afidence hires not only with technical expertise in mind, but also for the ability to provide technical leadership and superior communication skills within a team environment."

You've heard the saying, "Your business is only as good as the people you hire," right?  AfidenceIT is always looking for talented, passionate and committed people.  Below is a list of the awesome new employees who became a part of the AfidenceIT Team in2014.

  • Adam Banks
  • Brenden Bowie
  • Brian Boyce
  • Wayne Cox (intern)
  • Matt Hoffman
  • Randy Marcum
  • Cristi Myers
  • David Shumate (intern)
  • Greg Tucker
  • Mike Zaremba

Welcome aboard everyone!