Like most people I have ever met I have a severe procrastination problem. I would rather look at internet memes for an hour than go run a mile or start my homework. I know, however, that my time here is limited and have found the following tips helpful to stop procrastinating and creating my day by day legacy.

Find a partner

Bringing an accountability, workout or study partner into the mix creates structure that helps stay on track. With a partner, work can be much more fun because you can joke around while you work. You will also be less likely to make excuses for skipping work because you don’t want to let your partner down. Finally, bringing a partner into the mix initiates a challenge that can push you to work harder and better than you ever planned.

Focus on doing Just a Minute of the Work

This is a great method to help all the sudden distractions disappear. Focus on trying to write one sentence, doing one push up, or doing one problem. Getting started is most of the battle; this method takes all the stress off the situation. Most times a single minute of focus can lead to an extended session and completion of a goal.

Aim for the Easiest Work First

Much like the minute of work, aiming for the easiest work first takes a lot of pressure off the piles and piles of work that you have to do. Doing the easiest work first also allows you to get warmed up and in the zone, making the transition to harder work easier or even nonexistent.

Create a Routine

Instead of waiting for an open block of time each week to study, run, or whatever, set a specified time and keep to it. For instance, scheduling your workout every day at 5:00 or setting mandatory study hours for yourself are important. The key is to start scheduling your life around these times instead of trying to schedule them around your life.

Don’t Wait for Perfect

Conditions will never be as good as they could be so if something is hindering you, just figure out a workaround. Run on a treadmill if it’s raining. Find someone else in your class if your study partner is gone for the weekend. Meet up with your friends after you write your weekly blog post. The stars will never align for you to complete your work, so work with what you have.