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Successfully tested on a sleep deprived engineer/college athlete with 8:00AM class who averages 5 hours of sleep a night.
Don’t wait until the Last Minute to Wake Up
Though it’s tempting to try and get as much sleep as possible, the risk of waking up at the last possible minute outweighs the award. If anything goes wrong, you’ll be sure to be late to work or school and that usually dominos into an overall bad day. Allowing a few more minutes in the morning allows you to wake up more and build a solid base for the rest of your day.
Prepare the night before
Though this might seem very petty the night before, your future self will thank you a thousand times over. A tired and groggy mind takes three times as long to do something compared to your fully awake self. Lay out your clothes, pack your lunch, and pack your bag the night before. This also makes it less likely that you’ll forget something because you’re not trying to get all your stuff together in the last minute while waking up.
Don’t settle for a Weak Breakfast (15 minutes)
Breakfast is the base of your day so don’t just settle for pop tarts and coffee. A good breakfast can help you leave the house happier and stay more focused throughout the day. There are plenty of quick breakfast options with actual substance. Buying a waffle maker and fresh fruit could have been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Other ideas include cheese lunchmeat burritos, Greek yogurt, or even just fresh fruit.
Let your Alarm clock Inspire you (4 minutes)
Most alarm clocks allow you to program in your own song in. Take advantage of this by finding an inspirational speech and programming it in. By the time a speech is over, you’ll have thoughts of changing the world which makes getting out of bed much easier. If you don’t know where to start just Youtube athlete motivation and search around.
Plan the Meaning of Each Day (2 minutes)
Spend 5 minutes the night before and take a second to plan more than just what you need to do. Make goals to develop skills and traits. Overall plan what you really want to get out of the day. Write this down and read it in the morning.
Spend 15 Minutes in inspirational material (15 minutes)
A great way to get started up in the morning is with new ideas or self-improvement tips. This can help get you excited about the day and life in general. Great places to start are ted.com, self-improvement audio books on YouTube, or my Blog!