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Do Something that Scares You

The best way to build the courage to pursue any dream or challenge is to continually conquer small fears. The military builds soldiers’ confidence through boot camp by pushing their limits of fear further and further until they are confident enough to enter battle. Your everyday life can be a training ground for building confidence. The best way I’ve found to do this is to make a game of it. When any opportunity appears that you would normally pass over because it’s out of your comfort zone do it for just that reason. Keep a chart or create a point system for fears conquered. Make it fun.


Live Without Shame and Swallow Your Pride

“Even God doesn’t plan to judge a man till the end of his days, why should you and I”
The first thing my nerdy engineering school taught me greatness doesn’t come the first try and the best help doesn’t come from the most attractive sources. Don’t be afraid to look like a fool because practice makes perfect and great things can be achieved if you’re willing to make it through the rough patch first.
Ask for help from and don’t overlook those you would normally stray away from. It’s the quickest way to gain true friends and get further in life.


Work to Remember the Names of Everyone You Meet

You’re portal to someone’s skills, ideas, and help starts with their name. Making an effort to remember someone’s name makes them more approachable and more likely to be a future friend or asset. If you’re mindlessly forgetful like me here’s a couple tips:
  • Repeat their name as soon as they are introduced
  • Punch it into your IPhone notepad or write it down when they walk away
  • Ask them again the moment your realize you forgot (they won’t be offended)
  • Listen for how they introduce themselves and don’t abbreviate!

Stay Positive No Matter What

The law of attraction goes something like this: whatever you focus on in life is what comes out of your life. If you focus on all the negative parts of life and the flaws in others you will have a miserable life full of negativity. If you focus on the positive and fun parts of everyone and every part of life you will have a fun and positive life. Need I say more?

Take Your Work Seriously, Never Take Yourself Seriously

Believe it or not, the human race wasn’t cursed with the need to perform life draining day to day work. Our minds give us the ability to choose exactly how fun or terrible any event it. It all comes down to how we approach a subject. Take it from me, the kids making dinosaur noises while doing calculus homework are having more fun and will probably learn more. Act out and look for fun in even the most boring tasks for a better life.

Have Faith in the Infinite

The funniest thing happened when I started making a daily effort to be the best me I can be. The world around seemed to conspire together with cookie cutter perfect challenges and opportunities to help me acquire skills and achieve small goals. The same thing can happen to you.  Don’t believe me? Focus really hard on a daily self-improvement goal, keep your ear to the ground, and watch how many ironic coincidences appear to help you achieve it. Have faith that the world will help you achieve your goals or even put you in a better position than you ever imagined.

Meditate on the Person You Someday Dream to be

Knowing who you want to be is a huge step on the road to success. Maybe you want to be a young multimillionaire. Maybe you want the confidence to approach a stranger and ask for a date. Maybe you want every room you enter to light up with delighted smiles. The first step to becoming this person is creating a list with their traits. Review and edit your list everyday (I keep it as a word document on my desktop). Add new traits to your list as your life experiences show you who you want or don’t want to be. Finally set small goals everyday directly related to each trait and hold on.