Barbara Hogan is the owner and vice president of AfidenceIT. She is the recipient of the Women of Influence award. Barbara was recognized as a woman who shaped the success of AfidenceIT.  The Women of Influence award was given by the editorial team at Venue Media, the publisher of Venue Magazine, Greater Cincinnati’s Lifestyle publication and LEAD Magazine.


Barbara is a transformational leader. She is driven by her passion for impacting and improving the lives of others. She has experience in project management, training, strategic planning, people management, sales, and marketing. Barbara exemplifies the mission and vision of AfidenceIT. She drives business decisions through honesty, integrity, and strong relationships. She was on the Board of Directors for The Underground for over two years. The Underground provides an innovative environment for teens to encounter the character of God through experiences in music, media and interconnectivity. Barbara was on the board of directors for the Northeast Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce. She played an instrumental role in advocating a positive business environment.


The Women of Influence award honors the region’s leading women who have shaped the success of their organization.  The recipients are selected based on their contributions, professional achievements, and continuous dedication. The award honors women for their commitment to cultivating a thriving and progressive community. Barbara plays an integral role in ensuring that AfidenceIT is a company built on trust. It's a principle AfidenceIT employees live every day.

Barbara believes that trust grows when the IT services are delivered with unbiased advice, demonstrated accountability, and transparent communication. She helped developed core competencies that are present in all AfidenceIT business decisions. They are:


  • Business - We align our solutions to the needs of the business.
  • Technology - We are second-to-none in our subject matter expertise.


  • Client Focus - We always act in our clients' best interest.
  • Communication - We deliver accurate, timely, and well-organized communications.
  • Teamwork - We collaborate as a team to deliver the greatest value to clients/colleagues.


  • Professionalism - We demonstrate integrity and discipline in every aspect of our behavior.
  • Sense of Urgency - We align our priorities to ensure we meet or exceed expectations.

Barbara’s passion for continuous improvement starts with customer and employee loyalty.  She is passionate about helping and mentoring others to become transformative leaders. She excels in communication, positivity, recognition, engagement, and ability to inspire.

Barbara states, “When you believe that your business is about people, and when you offer a future of respect, trust, and quality, then everything else just falls into place.” This passion is also appreciated by clients who value the collaborative and transparent approach. In September 2015, Mason Deerfield Chamber invited Barbara to join their Women Business Leaders kickoff event. The event will feature four women leaders representing different industry sectors within the Chamber membership. Barbara was selected for her exceptional leadership to represent the business sector

One of Barbara's favorite quotations conveys the following:

“When I live out of discipline, I’m admired – When I live out of passion, I’m contagious.”
— Bill Johnson

Barbara lives out of passion for transforming lives. This passion continues to define the heart and soul of AfidenceIT. Barbara’s leadership has enabled AfidenceIT to bridge the gap between business and technology.