New Friends


Volunteering brings together a new community of friends and strangers in a selfless and social environment. This means, that by the end of the day you will be talking and working alongside new friends with similar interests, who you never would have met if you hadn’t volunteered.

Leadership experience



Being such a team based activity, volunteering opens tons of opportunities to practice leadership. This includes leading a volunteer team in order to complete a certain project. Volunteering also allows us to gain leadership experience as a mentor or coach to students and beginners, which allows us to make an impact on their development and life.


Learn New Skills



Volunteering also allows us to try new things and have new experiences that may be difficult or costly to come by otherwise. This can include everything from learning how to use power tools to learning marketing strategies for selling raffle tickets.


Lasting Pride In Our Work


bragging rights

Since many volunteer projects are based in the public community, you can brag about your hard work every time you pass by it with a friend.

 Free Food

  free food


Need I say more?