This week's Business Spotlight is Tom and Chee.  Bringing out the kid in all of us, the dynamic duo of tomato soup and grilled cheese, is the feature of this up and coming restaurant.

"Tom+Chee is the grilled cheese and tomato soup shop for the kid at heart, mixing classic comfort food with fresh ingredients, healthy alternatives, and a flare for the unexpected.

From the vegetarian Hippy Chee to the offbeat Grilled Cheese Donut, Tom+Chee offers 25+ sandwiches, plus fresh salads and three tomato soups daily, along with seasonal favorites like gazpacho and blue cheese chili and endless specials."  (This excerpt is from the Tom and Chee website.)

tom and chee logo

Click HERE to see the Tom and Chee menu.

Tom and Chee is located on Court Street and Walnut Street in Cincinnati as well as New Port on the Levee.  Additionally, there are other locations in Kentucky, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  Several other restaurants will be opening soon in various locations. (See locations HERE)