What we put into our bodies plays an important role in our everyday lives. It controls how much energy we have throughout the day, how often we are sick, and how we look and feel. With busy schedules and tight budgets, it can be hard to find healthy foods. As a poor college student, this is what has worked for me.

Spinach- A bag of spinach is only about $3 and has enough for salad all week.


Tuna – Less than a dollar per can, the only preparation is opening it.


Eggs- A dozen is less than two dollars and all you have to do is fry them on the stove-top.


Oatmeal- A five dollar tin will last you months. All you have to do is throw it in the microwave.


Brown rice – A months’ worth is about $3. Put it in a pan, come back in a half hour and it’s good to go.

Brown Rice

Mushrooms –Two weeks’ worth is about $3. It can be added to eggs or rice, and is great for your metabolism and bladder.


Peppers  - A  weeks’ worth of peppers is about $2 and can be added to eggs or rice.


Bananas – Less than 75 cents per pound, bananas provide energy and taste great with oatmeal or lunch.     bananas