It’s that time of year again . . . cold and flu season is upon us!  Unfortunately, some of my friends have already succumbed.  For those of you who are dreading the stuffed up noses, difficulty breathing, coughing, and the heebie jeebies- barfing episodes,  here are a few of my favorite cold and flu remedies.  Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor and I've not had one ounce of training in the medical field.  No credentials.  I'm  just a person who has found some stuff she likes and wants to share!

  • Neti Pot (use distilled water ONLY) . . . I Saw it here first!  -- The neti pot singlehandedly transformed my sinus problems into something I can control.  I am highly allergic to drywall dust...whenever I'm exposed, out comes the neti pot.
  • Super Echinacea – WOW, talk about an immune system booster!  I totally recommend this amazing product!  I start taking it as soon as I start feeling sick.
  • Oil of Oregano – Another WOW for when I want to cut the cold symptoms.  Again, as soon as I start feeling the symptoms or know I’m going to be exposed, I start using it.
  • Cat's Claw (Yes, Cat's Claw for stomach problems): For years I had IBS.  Before I found out I had an allergy to Gluten and when my intestines would bother me so much, I’d pull out the Cat’s Claw . . . yep, you read it here.  Whatever it does, it does it really well..  It takes out those cat scratch feelings in the gut (lovely, I know).
  • Kimchi- Another secret weapon.   I hope you like a really strong garlic smell because you are going to get it here.  I’d almost say Kimchi is a miracle food for me.  Back to those gut problems (leaky gut), Kimchi is a probiotic (put it on crackers).  It helps heal and soothe the intestines, but also takes out yeast problems.  It’s incredibly powerful.  My favorite is the “vegetarian” version . . . no feeeesh (fish).
  • PhytoMulti- Recommended by my buddy Dr. Boynton at Everybody's Health right here in Cincinnati, this product is just a great all around multi vitamin that I take.  Thanks Dr. B!

There you have it.  I don’t enter the fall season without these.  They really are a staple in our house year round.

But wait!   I forgot about one of the most important things for the “barfing” mentioned earlier . . .

  • Sambucus Immune Syrup - As soon as you start feeling nauseous, start taking it.   Amazingly, it's been several years since I've had the stomach flu...since before I started taking this!  This was originally brought to us by our good friends in Israel . . . BRAVO Mr. Virologist . . . you are my flu hero!  Thank you!