As an owner of a business, you always want the people you are working with to have integrity, to be kind, to be frugal, but wise . . . so I just wanted to share a small, yet telling cool thing that our Exec Admin did recently. Christine had stopped at Target to pick up an extra power strip and some storage boxes.  It turns out Target charged us for the power strip 2x, but not the storage boxes.  It was a mistake to our advantage by a few dollars.  Once she realized the mistake, Christine called Target and they said they would make a note of it.  When Christine was at Target a few days later, she alerted them to what happened and had them fix the problem.  Another customer in line Christine 2012 Adm Dayremarked that she couldn't believe Christine was doing what she did and thanked her for being honest.
My husband always says about people who use expired coupons, “Is your character worth just $.35?”  Or in this case, a few dollars?
So, Christine . . . you get the nod (again), the Afidence Applause for being honest, for having integrity, especially in the everyday, small things.  Thank you!