Hi Dave, I want to take a moment and recognize all your hard work for our program. The following feedback shows the great customer service you place into the program as well as the customer delight you bring to the Business. I continue to be confident in what you deliver and the email below reinforces that.

Thank you for all the passion and customer service you bring to the program. Keep up the great work.  Thank you!

Internal client feedback that prompted the above message:

I wanted to take a moment to express to you my profound appreciation for Dave Rice. Dave is a tremendous asset to every project that he touches. He enhances the entire program at every level. Additionally, he always adds great insight to the Team. He consistently improves processes and his tenacity in solving sticky problems is truly epic.  Seriously, I cannot say enough good things about him. He not only improves processes, but he makes our individual lives better. We have great confidence that when he is involved, success is not far away.

Indeed, Dave Rice had some big shoes to fill in place of the previous consultant. I recall that, back then, I doubted that Dave would be able to pull it off. Honestly? Dave didn’t just fill those shoes; he far exceeded the footprint.

I know I speak for many on the Team when I say Thank You for allowing Dave to partner with us!