Being smart is a skill set


No one was born understanding quantum mechanics or how electromagnetic fields work. Just like any sport or skill, it takes practice over years to see real results.

It takes time and hard work

hard work

Even the greatest physicists and mathematicians had to study for hours every day over years and years to acquire the knowledge they have.

Anyone can do it


If willing to put in the time and effort to study, anyone can learn anything. It’s true that some learn faster than others, but with practice and patience, we can all develop the ability to learn more efficiently.

Understand we know very little


The moment we think we know it all is the moment we start falling behind. The array of knowledge in the world is almost unlimited and growing every day. Understanding this, and pursuing every bit of knowledge we can, is the key to development.

Stay Curious


New ideas and opportunities come across our desks every day. If we keep our eyes open and get out of our comfort zones, we can learn more than we ever dreamed.