Be prepared

Be Prepaired

Preparation and confidence go together like bread and butter. When you are prepared, you don’t have to stress about getting everything together.  You can then put 100% of your focus to the task at hand, making you more relaxed and sure minded.


Put your whole body into it

Body Language

Poor body language is a dead giveaway for a lack of confidence. Most general advice here is cliché, so just act excited when meeting people.  Also, never think of yourself as inferior when talking to someone and your body language will follow.


Act Instantly


When you have an opportunity to speak up in a group or make a bold move, you usually only have about two and a half seconds before life moves on, or you talk yourself out of it. When you have an idea, don’t think it out of existence.  Just go for it.


Remember names


Remembering names falls into the same category as being prepared. If we don’t make a conscious effort to remember someone’s name when we are introduced, it’s likely we won’t remember it. When we don’t know others’ names, it’s hard to have a follow-up conversation with them.  If you are anything like me, you might even avoid them for fear of being caught. Repeat their name right after they are introduced and use it again when saying goodbye to help ingrain it in your brain.


Don’t try to be someone you’re not

You Do You

Honesty is important in all aspects of our lives. If we are aren't making up our story as we go, our brain won’t be going in a million directions.  We can relax and focus fully on the situation at hand.