Positive People

Surround Yourself with Positive People

I was once told that you are the average of the three people you spend the most time with. Try to surround yourself with those who make the best of every situation. If you have negative minded close friends, call them out on it, or stop them when they start talking negatively.


Negative Osmosis

Stop Negative Osmosis

Beyond the people we spend time with, we are also influenced by the media that we subjugate ourselves to. This includes the music, television, and internet pages we follow. If we follow negative ideas, we become negative people.


Don't take Yourself Seriously

Don’t Take Yourself too Seriously

I fall deepest into negativity when faced with large and continuous failures or if I am made to feel inferior for one reason or another. The best way I’ve found to escape is to stop taking myself seriously. Life isn’t a popularity or talent contest. It’s a time to be happy for any or no reason.



Take a Moment

Negativity can also come from being too stressed out or having too much to do. If this is the case, stop whatever you’re doing, find a quiet place, and meditate for twenty minutes. This will allow you to reapproach whatever you are doing with a clean and ready perspective.