Be your Own Hero

Know your why


Work to discover what you are really trying to get out of life. What do you believe in? What do you want to do? Stick to your ideals and don’t allow others to strip them from you or belittle them.


Be Ready to Face Challenges and Change

Be ready

New opportunities skim by our lives every day. If we are willing to move out of our comforts zones and embrace new opportunities and challenges, we grow, inspire others, and learn every step of the way.


Be Cool to People

Be good to people

Try to be the nicest human being you possibly can. Bringing happiness to others brings happiness to ourselves. We can’t see eye to eye with everyone, but never burn a bridge. You don’t know when you may need to cross it in the future.


Make the Choices you Know are Right

Right Choice

Don’t steal, lie, or hurt others. As you devalue those around you, you devalue yourself


Take Care of Yourself

Self Respect

Get in shape and eat healthy.  You can’t respect and inspire the world around you if you don’t respect and inspire yourself.