Stay Happy

Give Up on Perfection

With negative feedback from parents, school, and peers, trying never to fall out of line and always making the “right” choices can easily become your everyday life. With this mindset, you’ll never find happiness. No one can do everything right all the time. Even if you could be perfect all the time, no one would actually care because they are focused on themselves and their problems. So, why would it even be worth it?


Don’t search for Happiness from Success

Following this path, you will end up working extremely hard, doing something you don’t love, to impress someone you don’t necessarily care about. The solution: make mistakes and put effort towards things you care about.


Spend Time With People Who make you Happy

At least for me, it’s not my moments of great accomplishment that I hold closest to my heart, but the time spent with the people I love, goofing around. Who you spend your time with has a direct impact on your quality of life, so spend time with people you love.  Those whom you can be your true self around.


Pay it forward

What you give to the world is what it keeps of you. Going out of your way to help others will build your personal legacy and bring you as much happiness as buying a new beamer.


Don’t let a Problem Wreck other Aspects of your Life

It’s easy to let a problem consume your entire life.  Don't.  If you stop eating right, exercising, or spending time for yourself, you slowly destroy the person you originally worked so hard for. With the deterioration of a balanced life comes the deterioration of happiness.


Spend time appreciating little things

If you spend the time appreciating what you have and what people do for you at any given moment, life slowly begins to brighten up. If you spend your time appreciating what you have instead of complaining about what you don’t have, you will realize your life contains everything you need.


Make an Effort to be happy

In the end, happiness is all in your head and anyone can be as happy as they make up their mind to be.