Windows 10 is the newest and most powerful operating system from Microsoft. Are you still validating the pros and cons of Windows 10 installation? I’ve recently upgraded, so I wanted to share seven things I like best about Windows 10. According to The Verge, after just four weeks, 75 million PCs had Windows 10 installed (Warren, 2015).  So, what features may be worth the upgrade?

1.The start menu is back!

Yes, you read that correctly.  The start menu that disappeared in Windows 8 has made a comeback in Windows 10.  You can access programs, settings, and other features from the start menu much like Windows 7 and prior operating systems.  This feature makes navigation around the operating system much easier.

2.Hello, Cortana.

The voice recognition software that Microsoft first released on Windows phone is now integrated with

Windows.  Cortana, your personal assistant, can do tasks such as set a reminder, open an application, and check the weather all by voice. Cortana experience becomes more personalized as your Cortana usage increases.  Say goodbye to the keyboard and hello to your new voice assistant.

3.Shortcuts are available in command prompt.

Now with Windows 10, you can use keyboard shortcuts in command prompt.  This feature enables quick copy and paste into the command prompt.  Shortcuts are a huge time saver for those users who utilize command prompt.

4.Multiple desktops enhance the desktop environment.

When dealing with a lot of open windows, screen real estate is crucial.  While multiple monitors are handy, they’re not always practical while on the go.  With Windows 10, you can now use multiple virtual desktops to create a multiple desktop environment all on one screen.  By using the Alt+Tab function, you can move between open windows and then use Windows+Control and the left and right arrow keys to move between desktops.

5.Windows Hello makes signing in easier.

Windows Hello is the new way to sign in to your PC.  You can sign in using your face, fingerprint, or iris (necessary equipment required) to access Windows without typing a password.  You no longer have to remember your first pet’s name followed by the year you graduated kindergarten.  Windows 10 makes signing in easier.

6.Stream Xbox One games on your PC.

You can stream Xbox One games to you PC while on the same local Wi-Fi network.  Similar to a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connection for a computer to computer stream, now you can stream games, videos, and other apps from your Xbox One.  Game on!

7.Windows 10 Upgrade is Free.

With Windows 10, you are not paying out of pocket to get the most current operating system with the most current features!  If you are a current Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 user, you can get the Windows 10 upgrade for free through July 29, 2016.

92% of Windows 10 users like it.

In review, Windows 10 offers several new features that may warrant an upgrade. reports that “92 percent of the users having installed Windows 10 really like the new OS, but as the number of the users getting used to a new operating system is constantly increasing, the number of people who rarely use the word like in the references to the OS is also gradually increasing” (Polina, 2015). In addition, Yusuf Mehdi, Head of Xbox Business Strategy and Marketing at Microsoft, confirmed via a tweet that “Windows 10 is running in 192 countries” (Mehdi, 2015). Windows 10 is almost in every country on the planet.

So, will you be upgrading to Windows 10?

Brenden Bowie

AfidenceIT Consultant


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