The 7 Pillars of Connecting With Absolutely AnyoneYoung Entrepreneur Council, Contributor

It all comes back to helping others. If you spent 100 percent of your waking hours thinking about how you can help absolutely everyone you come in contact with — from the woman who makes your latte, to the top authority in your industry — you will find everything else tends to take care of itself. The world will suddenly be in your corner.

Many times sales strategies are born from a foundation of how can I get someone to do what I want in order to benefit me . . . a simple return to caring about people, genuinely caring about people unleashes something greater than just your next sale. At Afidence, Bryan and I have a desire to change people's lives -- doing something that isn't like the rest of the world. Returning to values, values our country was founded on through biblical principles. Do unto others . . . whether client, employee, or vendor . . . as you would want them to do to you.

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