Dustin Werden sent me the link to an article from BetaNews, written by Derrick Wlodarz, comparing Google Apps and Office 365.  Before clicking on the article link below, read what Dustin has to say on the topic.

"Organizations of every size are faced with the balance of cost to function when it comes to their technology needs.  Unavoidable staples of the technology landscape are common productivity and communication tools as well as document creation and modification programs.  A space once dominated by Microsoft Office has been fragmented, to a degree, by Google’s foray into this type of service.  Google’s offerings and support models have matured to the point where companies have to legitimately evaluate both when determining what makes sense for them.  The article at the link below gives a detailed side-by-side comparison of Google Apps and Office 365 that can act as a primer for any business or organization in the midst of such a decision." ~Dustin Werden

Read the article HERE.