Whether you’re trying to gain lifelong admirers, make a new friend, or create loyalty inside your company, there is one sure way to make the world love you; appreciation. Dealing out genuine appreciation is the epitome of giving meaning to others’ lives.

Next time someone does something that impresses you, changes your perspective on a subject for the better, or even changes your life; TELL THEM. Simply telling a smiling a cashier how much you appreciate them gives them purpose to keep doing it and bring both of you joy.

There is, however, one surefire way to say thank you that stands above the rest. People who have done you right will cherish you and your words through the sands of time and hardship.

All it takes is an actual ounce of effort, some nice thoughts, and a couple shiny nickels for postage. Hand write a thank you note to those people who have made your life better in some way or another. You don’t have to be great with words or mushy gushy, just express the change in your life or perspective that they brought about and say thank you, THAT’S IT.

Like many people feel about when they heard Michel Jackson died, the moment I received my first appreciation letter remains frozen in time, obviously for very different reasons though. At the time, I hadn't felt that I did any magnificent task for the person that sent me the letter, but his words begged to differ.  It was simple; he thanked me for being a good friend to him and demonstrating how to always stay positive. This letter meant the world to me and its words brought more meaning to my life than any I had ever heard before.

Thousands of people helped mold each of us and open the gates of opportunity to put us in the position we are in today. Who influenced you to think differently? Who opened those doors for your current life? Who doesn't know they changed your life?

So stop thinking about just yourself for thirty minutes grab some blank thank you cards, tell these people exactly what they did for you and give their life meaning. There’s nothing you could do to make either of you happier.