merry christmas imageSending our Christmas wishes to The Underground! In the spirit of giving, Afidence is continuing our annual tradition of donating the money we would have spent on Christmas cards to a local ministry.  This year, we've chosen The Underground as the recipient of this $500 gift. The Underground is the largest youth ministry in the Greater Cincinnati / Dayton areas emphasizing music, media, and faith.


Why The Underground?  The National Conference of State Legislature (NCSL) has reported that teen suicide is up 6% for the 15-24 year old age group and has increased 100% for the 10-14 year old age group since 2000.  It's simple . . . our youth!


The Underground offers a safe place for youth to connect, grow, learn, and shape goals that foster hope through music and media . . .  and we believe hope is an integral key to life.  Schedule a family tour to experience The Underground at and help your child connect today!


Merry Christmas to The UG Staff and volunteers for your tireless commitment to our youth!


Bryan and Barbara Hogan, Owners of Afidence