Yes, 2014 was a BIG year for us at Afidence.  Not only were we able to hire several new employees, we also had the opportunity to serve some new clients, which is always pretty exciting.  New clients and new employees are only part of the fun though. See below to catch more of a glimpse of Afidence's 2014 in Review:

  • In April, Dustin Werden, Brenden Bowie, Zach Knisley and Brent Brinkman represented Afidence by participating in in the Cincinnati Scurry.  This fun event is hosted by Tier1, and benefits Marvin Lewis' Learning is Cool program. 

  • In the Spring of 2014, Bryan was nominated for the Technology First Leadership Awards in the category of IT Executive of the Year.  Afidence also garnered a nomination in the Best IT Services category.

  • With new clients and new employees, came the need for more space.  We were able to open up a new office in Miamisburg in the spring.  The City of Miamisburg then hosted our groundbreaking/open house event in July.

  • In November, we participated in the 8th Annual Taste of IT in Dayton. Our own Dustin Werden and Brian Boyce spoke at one of the break-out sessions on the topic of "Five Mistakes that Guarantee Project Collapse."

  • Toward the end of November, a group of Afidence employees had the privilege of serving alongside others at A Child's Hope International where over 112,000 meals were packaged for the day. 

As you can see, it WAS a BUSY year.....and we have even more going on in 2015....Stay tuned!