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Make everyday mean something

As I've gotten older, I've began to see how easy it is to let the everyday grind take over my life. Before I know it, six months have blurred by with nothing to show but a report card or a pay check. The time that blurred by seems to be generally insignificant except for maybe a noteworthy event here or there. I found that the thirty day challenge changed everything. The idea is simple, think of something that you've always wanted to learn or something that could make you a better person and spend everyday for thirty days working on that challenge. This gave everyday more excitement and more meaning. I no longer woke up everyday hankering to go back to sleep or for the weekend to come. Suddenly I always had something interesting to talk about and everyday life went from a grind to an adventure.
Here's a few challenges to get you started:
  1. Learn to ride a Unicycle

  2. Explore 5 Famous Quotes

  3. Get To Work a Different Way Every Day

  4. Listen to a new Genre of Music

  5. Learn to Juggle

  6. Talk to a Stranger

  7. Learn a New Word

  8. Track Every Dollar You Earn and Spend

  9. Run a Mile

  10. Spend 15 Minutes Meditating

  11. Create a Blog!

  12. Wake up Early and Cook Breakfast

  13. Drink Only Water

  14. Create a Piece of Art

  15. Floss

  16. Do Pushups and/or Sit-ups during Commercials

  17. Write a Thank you Letter

  18. Eat a Fruit and Plant its Seed

  19. Dress up

  20. Make your bed

  21. Create only Decomposable and Recyclable Waste

  22. Don’t Complain or Speak Poorly of Anyone

  23. Learn a Wilderness Survival Skill

  24. Eat Lunch with Someone Different