Soda: One 20 ounce bottle of soda a day would cost over $500 in a year (energy drinks over $700!)

Water: A gallon of tap water every day would cost about 80 cents. Even if you had a bottle of water every day it would cost just over $300.



Soda: If you drink one soda a day for a year, you will have consumed 35 pounds of sugar! This would translate to about 15 pounds of fat gained.

Water: Water is a crucial factor in the fat burning process, helping you lose weight from fat and gain muscle



Soda:  Though drinking a can of soda gives you an initial jolt, it also triggers your body’s insulin response, leaving you more tired than you started and progressively giving you less energy over time.

Water: Hydration is vital to keeping every part of your body running efficiently, giving you more long term energy.



Soda: Drinking soda is the #1 cause of cavities and causes teeth to yellow

Water: Most tap water has Fluoride in it which helps prevent tooth decay.  Bottled water has no effect on teeth.


General Health

Soda: Addictive boosts stroke risk, linked to obesity, kidney damage, and high blood pressure, heart disease.

Water: Supports kidney health, reduces risk of heart attack, cures headaches, cleanses the body of toxins



Bonus fact: The active ingredient in Coke is phosphoric acid which will dissolve a nail in four days!