Pay it Forward

1. Pay it Forward:

Confidence is lost when things repeatedly don’t go your way. Work extra hard to make something good happen in the near future, whether this is studying an extra hour for a test to get an exceptionally good grade, setting up a weekend event that’s fun and easy, or helping someone out.




 2. Talk about it:

It’s hard to get over something until you've fully acknowledged that it has happened. Friends exist for a reason and talking about it helps you not only get over this hurdle, but brings another individual into the picture to help support you.



3. Laugh:

Taking yourself too seriously is the heart of the problem. It’s important to realize that we weren’t put here to carry the weight of the world, so laugh off problems and mistakes. Have fun and just focus on being happy.



Sleep Deprivation

 4. Try getting some sleep:

When you don’t sleep, you can’t perform at your peak, physically or mentally. Sleep deprivation also has this strange ability to make everything seem awful and/or annoying. Instead of procrastinating, work hard early, and get your eight hours for happiness and peak performance.



Stay Postive

 5. Focus on Positive qualities:

When you’ve lost your confidence, it’s easy to get down on yourself. That leads to feeling like you’re not good at anything, which the happy and confident you would never agree with. Even if things aren’t going your way, focus on your positive qualities and ignore the negative ones