Tom Shumate CPA

A Life Lesson From A Time of Doubt

Envisioning himself in such an influential career position as a Chief Operating Officer (COO) as Tom Shumate holds today, is not exactly where he thought he would end up or where he started way back when. . . his story is one that will likely inspire those who may feel they may be out of sync with where life has them and where their dreams were leading.


Tom started his career out of college as a certified public account where he found a job at a small accounting firm. Initially, he hoped to develop skills to pursue his future plans of going into work for himself. However, reality struck as he quickly became the “utility guy” for all things other didn't want to handle or were incapable of handling. It would have been easy to slide into resentment at this turn of events, even feel his dreams were slipping away.


But fortunately the story didn't end there, because of his willingness to stay in the game and work hard, he learned broader skills beyond just “accounting know-how”. He learned to analyze situations, gather information, and contact the appropriate people in order to solve problems and make things happen. All of which serve as the backbone to his career today.


Eventually, as Tom moved on in his career, the skills he learned as the “utility guy” were the very skills that enabled him to fulfill his initial dream of working for himself and also widen his dreams to work for a company that had personal passion and meaning for Tom.


Presently, Tom Shumate is the COO for Franciscan Media, a company whose mission of spreading the gospel was something Tom believed in and could get behind. As he once again put his nose to the grindstone when he started with Franciscan, using what was in front of him to hone and grow his own skills, Tom worked towards bringing a more professional approach to the company in order to enable Franciscan to better achieve their mission and goals. After years of making the most of opportunities, growing, and learning, Tom was first in line for a newly opened COO position where he continues working today.


Today, if you find yourself in a position where you may feel your talents are “overlooked” or “under used”, that you, yourself are “undervalued”. Don’t see just dead ends and don’t lose hope.  Glean from Tom’s story to make paths where there are none. Rise to every occasion put in front of you . . . in other words, don’t waste a minute . . . use it. You never know what life is preparing you for, so don’t waste it harboring resentment or your dreams may be lost.