This week's Afidence Applause goes to Consultant Daron Holland.  Here is what a happy client had to say about some of Daron's recent work:

"So, this is the first email I have sent and I wanted it to be to you.  As I told you yesterday, I was very blessed by your positive, can-do attitude (even though my old "grumpy" pc made your life difficult."  I felt such confidence that you were going to be able to make things work...and indeed you did! As I have been playing with my new Surface I have become aware of all the details you addressed for me.  My past experiences have been that when the IT support left my house and I went to use my computer system there were little loose ends not done so I couldn't successfully use my computer until the IT folks came back to deal with the details.  You were delightfully detailed and I am grateful! I am very glad that you and Afidence have found each other!"

Great job Daron! We are proud of you!  Thank you for your continued hard work.