At Afidence, we look forward to our monthly Team Collaboration meetings.  We all get together one Tuesday night each month to share a meal, joke a little, have some fun and discuss business.  We ENJOY spending time together.  As we got together last month, we had something to celebrate—our Anniversary.  Afidence is “4 Years Strong!”

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 As we celebrate this milestone, we reflect on the past and then with anticipation, look to the future.  Bryan Hogan, our owner and President, shares his thoughts:

 “I cannot say it enough-- Besides working with such a great group of people, it is wonderful having the opportunity to serve a set of clients who truly appreciate the work we do.  The positive feedback and appreciation we receive from clients helps us strive to get better at what we do.  While we appreciate all the blessings of the past four years, we’re even more excited about what the future holds.  We look forward to finding new ways of unleashing our team’s talent and passion as we continue to provide great/ unbiased service to our clients.”