City of Miamisburg is welcomed by Afidence as new client! In the Beginning

On Feb. 20, 1818, four men from Pennsylvania -- Emanuel Gebhart, Jacob Kercher, Dr. John Treon and Dr. Peter Treon -- offered for sale at public auction 90 lots in a new town by the name of Miamisburg. Situated on the left bank of the Miami River, the plat was divided into square lots containing one-fifth of an acre.

The small community had been known as "Hole's Station" since about 1797, when Zachariah Hole settled there with his family from Virginia and built a stockade as protection from Indians. In the interim, many settlers had arrived in the area, mostly from Pennsylvania. The name Miamisburg was derived from the Miami Indian tribe that resided there, combining "Miamis" with "burg," which denotes a borough or town. By 1832, the unincorporated community had become a village and achieved City status about 100 years later.