images (1) First off, Afidence and Red Cedar Union would like to send out a GIANT thank you to all the mothers out there! Second, this is a reminder to the families that Mother's Day IS coming soon. (May 12th, to be exact.) It's time to go out, if you haven't already, and find a special gift for the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and neighbors out there. Gift ideas are beginning to run low, as the idea of flowers and chocolate grows older. In talking with my own mother, a few ideas have come up for various gifts. A few of our ideas were stationary, chocolate covered strawberries (a personal favorite), long-time-in-the-making items knocked off the "honey-do" list (always a good idea), a pedicure or manicure,  or even a "day away" pass, where she can be by herself and not worry about the kids. Something home made and heart felt is another good idea! I would love to hear of any of your gift ideas for this Mother's Day, or even gifts that weren't such a good idea. Hope to hear from you!


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