BYOD (bring your own device) is on the rise in the workplace.  Employees now use work systems to check personal email and surf the net, while personal devices are increasingly used to complete work tasks.  This change has resulted in the increase of Malware in the workplace.  Take a look at this article on Windows Security and BYOD written by Paul security image
Here's a sneak peek:

“For business, the important fact is that the impact of malware to business can be mitigated by installation of firewall products, managed security service providers, and most importantly, user education. There are a number of network devices to scan & detect network traffic & email that could compromise your environment by blocking access to websites with known bad reputation & deleting emails that contain malware. Managed Security Service Providers can install software on your client systems that allow for monitoring for virus activity, real time reports of activity, and remote as…..”

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