If you're looking for some fun on a Friday afternoon in April, join us downtown to watch as we participate in the

6th Annual Cincinnati Scurry

! What's the Scurry you ask?  Think "Amazing Race."  It's where teams compete against one another as they race around town to complete various tasks.  Some of these tasks just might end up testing one's capacity for embarrassment.  Fortunately, it's all for a good cause.  The Scurry, which takes place on Friday, April, 17 benefits the Marvin Lewis program.

Scurry Team, or better known as the "IT Factor" consists of 4 Team Members:  Brenden Bowie, Christine Olding, Travis Hesson and Me, Jamie Gunn.

Come cheer us on!  Or.....come LAUGH at us..........either way, it's sure to be lots of fun!