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If you're an Office 365 user, did you know that you already have SharePoint at your fingertips? With SharePoint, you are able to increase internal collaboration, create document repositories, and drive your business processes. Since Office 365 is a cloud-based solution, all of these things are available to you regardless of your location. There are easy to implement solutions once you realize you have access to this incredible business platform.

Document repositories - SharePoint contains document libraries. This is a component that allows you to upload and store your critical business documents. These documents then become accessible to you when and where you need them. Part of this feature can help satisfy disaster recovery requirements as well as compliance requirements.

Announcements - Announcements are another component of SharePoint.  This feature can help communicate important events or items to your entire business staff. This is helpful to keep everyone on the same page in the fast-paced business environment that we all work in.  There are also ways to make sure that each person sees each  announcement as they are made.

Task Lists - Task lists are also available within SharePoint. This component is great when you have more than one person working on a project. Tasks can be assigned to individuals and updated as they are completed or in progress. This also gives management staff a real-time view into the project status. The information from these task lists can be used on a managerial dashboard.

Many companies have benefited from the use of SharePoint. The only question is, "How much do you want to benefit from it?" SharePoint is a business platform that can help accelerate your enterprise to help make better, quicker decisions in a fast paced market place.  We help you find out how you can best leverage SharePoint to your advantage and maximize the investment of a platform you already have.  Contact me today for more information.

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