Prepping Your Bag of Tricks for a New Year

A couple of months ago, I addressed the need to directly teach study skills in the classroom, so that students could develop skills necessary for success in school, and in higher education settings in particular.  With improved study skills comes a greater retention of material and improved learning that lasts…..beyond the quiz or test.  As we get ready to launch another school year, I am hopeful that teachers will be looking for new ideas to help develop this very important facet of learning.  Many teachers have their so-called “bag of tricks”…..and we need to remember that this bag has no boundaries.  There’s always room for fresh ideas, so I’ve included some links below to help teachers (and parents!) identify some new ways to help students develop better study habits and skills.  As always, I invite you to share any great ideas you’ve tried, articles that have inspired you regarding this topic, or other links with interesting suggestions.