Look to the vast beyond to find Creative Genius  

Today, I watched an amazing TED video by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat Pray Love, that ponders over the crazy idea that creative parts of the human being don’t actually belong to each of us but maybe are on loan from us from an unimaginable source or taken from the ether of the universe.

Click Here to see the video!

I can’t tell you how many times creativity has just hit me out of the blue, actually I can’t think of a time when it didn’t…. Anyway, here are a few tips for how to get creative results with less stress or effort.


Don’t worry


Trying to take on a new creative project at once can stress anyone out. Beyond that, trying to match previous results when you had a stroke of inspiration can and has driven artists crazy. Instead of trying to take it on yourself, let your genius do the work.


Just Show up


In order to get creative results, we first need to know what we are trying to do, whether it’s writing a blog, painting a picture, or writing code. Put it in your head that you need to get this creative project done, brainstorm for a short period of time and if no results show, don’t worry about it and go do something else.


Bite sized chunks



It’s important to continually revisit your creative project for short periods of time and before you know it a stroke of genius will hit you like it was in your head the entire time. Strokes of genius come and go, however, so create when you’re inspired, but shift your focus when you’re not. Staring at a blank screen or canvas won’t get you past the wall blocking you from inspiration, so do other things until your genius just hits you with an idea.


Be Prepared



The best ideas hardly ever come when they are expected and before you know it they will disappear like they were never there. This is why it is important to always be ready to be hit by a great idea. Keep a notepad by your bed if you have a great idea before you go to bed or wake up. Keep a notepad in the bathroom if your best idea comes to you in the shower. Finally, keep a note app on your phone so whenever you’re creative genius strikes you with an idea you’ll be ready.


Don’t take Too Much credit



For the sake of your well being, if results turn out amazing, don’t give yourself too much credit because you’ll drive yourself crazy trying to recreate it. On the flip side, if results don’t turn out well, don’t blame yourself. Just let your creative genius do all the work and give it the credit.