AfidenceIT is always looking for talented, passionate, and committed people.  If you believe in our values, align to our Core Competencies, and have an interest in joining our team, get in touch with us!

career imageCore Competencies

Our core competencies are a list of attributes every Afidence employee is measured against.  These measures are used in the recruiting development, and performance review process.

Client Focus  We always act in our clients' best interest.

Business Proficiency  We align our solutions to the needs of the business.

Professionalism  We demonstrate integrity and discipline in every aspect of our behavior.

Sense of Urgency  We align our priorities to ensure that we meet our exceed our clients' expectations.

Communication Skills  We deliver timely, consistent, and well-organized communications.

Technology Expertise  We are second-to-none in our subject matter expertise.

Process Oriented  We deliver solutions that integrate both process and technology improvement.

Team Contributor  We collaborate as a team to deliver the greatest value to our clients and colleagues.


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