Join Afidence and Dr. Reginald Tomas Lee August 27th, Tuesday from 7:30am – 9:30am to understand “How Accounting Can Destroy Cash Flow!” 

In this informative session, Reginald Lee will share “cash destroying” scenarios from major companies and highly intelligent leaders.  When you finish the morning, you’ll walk away understanding: 

  1. Accounting is NOT the tool to use when making cash flow decisions.
  2. How Accounting and Cash Flow should and should not mix.
  3. Practical understanding on how to improve cash flow enhancing decisions.


7:30-8:30am --  Registration & Light Breakfast

8:00-9:30am -- Presentation & Discussion

9:30-11:30am -- Special Offer:  Register now and also sign-up for a 15 minute, private, One-on-One with Dr. Lee to ask or discuss a topic of your choice after the discussion.

Event Registration