Looking for a quiet retreat where you can put your feet up and feel relaxation sweep over you like a tangible wave of peace?  I would highly recommend a real gem Bryan and I recently discovered on a much needed hiatus -- Murphin Ridge Inn – just over an hour’s drive from Mason, Ohio.  The food is fresh, light and better than your mother used to make . . . imagine putting food in your mouth that tastes like food used to before preservatives, massive amounts of sodium, Red Dye No. 3, and ingredients I can’t even pronounce were added to them . . . everything is a delicacy and reasonably priced – spices are used and flavors are paired to tickle your taste buds wtih every dish.  The rooms/cabins are immaculate and custom furnished by the workshops of David T. Smith.  No TV, but don’t panic, they do have Wi-Fi,and Hiking trails, and more.  Hope if you try them out, your visit rejuvenates you as it did us.